Lisen Schultz (2)

Helping corporate leaders become climate leaders

Lisen Schultz

Stockholm Resilience Centre


This talk condenses decades of sustainability science into a fresh look at the world. We will explore the grand challenges for humanity, but also the pathways we could take to enable 10 billion people to meet their needs within the capacity of this planet. In particular, we will discuss the role of business leadership, and what we have learned from training CEOs and chair persons of influential companies in understanding and acting on the latest climate science. Can we turn the ship in time? And what does it take?

Lisen Schultz is a sustainability scientist, author of the book “Kursen” (The Course), and director of education at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm university. In 2018, she launched the first ever executive programme in resilience thinking for CEOs and chair persons, which has now engaged more than 60 business leaders. She believes the key to the future lies in collaboration – between science, art, business, policy and civil society.

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