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Sourcing Critical Minerals: A Key Bottleneck for Climate Infrastructure

Pina Fritz - Deep Science Ventures
The session will focus on how critical minerals will be the rate-limiter of the green energy transition and what we can do about it.

The demand for critical minerals such as copper, rare earth elements (REE), nickel, cobalt, and lithium is projected to rise significantly. However, these projections have challenges such as reducing ore quality, environmental impacts, long mining lead times, and political and trade constraints.

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The session aims to address key questions related to technology gaps, innovation, and the need for increased extraction, recycling, and reuse rates of critical minerals. Attendees will explore the balance between building recycling and extraction capacity, strategies to reduce economic thresholds for sourcing minerals from low-grade ores, and ways to accelerate exploration activities. The session will also explore potential funding sources for innovation in this space, debating the role of mining companies versus green venture funds.

Success stories from startups like Lilac Solutions and Vulcan Energy will be discussed, along with approaches to bridging skills and expertise gaps in Western countries, particularly in REE extraction.

This Ripple is right for you if you're a mining company, a startup in this sector, a green venture fund, or an academic, researcher, or policymaker interested in this topic.


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Pina Fritz
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