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Discover how science, new technologies and startups are addressing some of the most difficult climate challenges. In these quick-fire panel discussions, the core of every session is the same: what is happening right now to solve the climate crisis and why isn’t it scaling quicker?

Making Carbon Markets Work (1)

The future of carbon markets


Freya Pratty - Reporter at Sifted

Shilpika Gautam - Co-founder of SALT

Robert Schmitt - COO at Toucan Protcol

Niklas Kaskeala - Chief Impact Officer at Compensate

How can carbon markets perform most effectively? Should they be centralised or decentralised? What is the value of carbon reduction credits? We discuss what a 'good' carbon credit looks like, and the future of carbon markets.

Cooling Homes Efficiently (1)

Cooling homes, not warming the world


Nicole Florack - Researcher at 2150

Daniel Betts - CEO of Blue Frontier

Amit Gupta - CEO of Aeroseal

Air conditioners are energy intensive and also creators of urban heat island problems - yet they're needed for life quality, productivity and human health. How do we cool homes without contributing to a warming world? We discuss.

Carbon Removal Technologies

Direct Air Capture


Andrew Shebbeare - Managing Partner at Counteract

Shashank Samala - CEO of Heirloom

Carlijn Nouwe - Co-founder of Climate Action Platform for Africa

Stealth Company - Co-founder 

Direct Air Capture of CO2 will play a crucial role for us to reach net-zero. We discuss some of the key debates: from the models (modular + distributed vs integrated + scaled), the technologies and their barriers to growth and opportunities, and sites for scale-up: from funding to land + resources to social justice.

The Uses Of Hydrogen (1)

Making hydrogen work


Mercè Labordena, PhD, Senior Manager at Smartenergy

Staffan Qvist - Author & researcher

Gniewomir Flis - Investor at Energy Revolution Ventures

Rocio Gonzalez Sanchez - Policy Manager at Clean Air Task Force

Hydrogen, the lightest and most abundant gas in the universe, can be used as fuel for aviation and shipping. We discuss how to make sure it doesn't have indirect warming effects, and how quickly can it reach mass adoption.

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Agtech: outpacing crop failure


Daniel Skavén - Head of Strategy at Stockeld Dreamery

William Pelton - Co-founder of Phytoform

Jean-Christophe Girondin-Pompiere - Co-founder of AgroLeague

Extreme weather and rising temperatures are resulting in looming crop failure and food insecurity. How can regenerative agriculture, and editing plant DNA help future-proof crops? We discuss the solutions that could help feed more people at scale.

Algae For Climate (1)

Algae for future food


Max Blanshard - Investor at 2150

Amankwa Baptiste - Co-founder of Seatrients

Deniz Ficicioglu - Co-founder of Bettaf!sh 

Algae is a climate superpower - sequestering carbon, providing alternative protein, replacing plastic packaging, and more. But what are entrepreneurs doing right now to scale it? We'll discuss the role of algae in decarbonisation, feeding a growing population and the future of coastal communities'.

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Net-zero cities: mission impossible?

Christian Jølck, Partner and Co-Founder at 2150

Emilie Hvidtfeldt, Director at C40

Einar Bodström, Co-founder at ClimateView

Ryan MacPherson, Climate Innovation + Investment Lead at Autodesk.

What is actually needed to ensure cities can achieve net zero? We discuss the infrastructure, public accountability and commitments and new systems that will be needed to get cities to net zero in the near future.

The Sustainability Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin: the sustainability debate


Stefano Bernadi - Investor & Scout in planet+ companies

Margot Paez - PhD researcher

Can Bitcoin play a role in a net zero world? Paez is a PhD researcher, involving statistical modelling, climate change and water resources. She is primarily interested in the intersection of Bitcoin mining and the energy grid, and advocates for using Bitcoin as a tool for addressing the climate crisis.

Sam Ladley 2Hm5 1I2k3u Unsplash (1)

Employee climate activism


Heidi Lindvall - General Partner and Co-founder of Pale blue dot

Maren Costa - Co-founder of Amazon Employees For Climate Justice

Alex Wright-Gladstein - Founder of Sphere

How can one individual have an impact? Join Maren Costa, co-founder of Amazon Employees For Climate Justice; and Alex Wright-Gladstein, founder of Sphere - a global movement to get fossil fuels out of 401(k)s - as they discuss the power, methods and impact of collective action.

Dylan Gillis Kdeqa3atnby Unsplash

Attracting the best climate talent

Benjamin Bolton, Europe GM at Terra Do

Joshua Stehr, Researcher at Work On Climate

Murvah Iqval, Co-founder of HIVED

Danielle Walsh, Founder & CEO of Clearly

How do you attract the best talent in climate? How does climate tech differ from normal tech companies? And what positioning works best? In this panel about how to find and hire exceptional talent, we discuss how to find a good match and how people looking to work in climate can find and be hired by the best companies.

Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation

Dr Michal Nachmany, Founder and CEO of Climate Policy Radar

Lukky Ahmed, Co-founder and CEO of Climate X

Jeff Risom, Chief Innovation Officer of Gehl

Climate change mitigation rightly gets a lot of attention and funding as we fight to make as much change as possible in the next 10 years. But already we have seen the early impacts of climate change: flooding, forest fires and droughts. What can we do to prepare for a new world and protect human life? We discuss what's needed.

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Incentivising Biodiversity

Kevin Webb, Co-founder and Managing Director at Superorganism

Dr Zoe Balmforth, Co-founder & Director of Pivotal

Glen Gowers, Co-founder of Basecamp Research

The climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis are inextricably linked. Without nature, we can't survive - no matter how much carbon we suck from the sky. But what is the interface between climate and biodiversity?
And how can we put a monetary value on biodiversity to incentivise action? And should we? We discuss.

Lxrcbsv Vvhxeu0ynbk Unsplash

Degrowth: solution or delusion?

Miriam Olsson Jeffery, Business Reporter at Sydsvenskan

Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Degrowth Researcher at Lund University.

The pursuit of infinite growth has come at a cost. So can we replace GDP with a better metric? Is the solution to the climate crisis shrinking economies? And if degrowth is the answer to restoring the earth, how do we reduce production while improving living standards?

Miriam Olsson Jeffery interviews degrowth researcher at Lund University (Sweden).

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